How a Temp-to-Hire Position May Be Right for You!

How a Temp-to-Hire Position May Be Right for You! | Staffing Texas

When looking for your next role, consider a temp-to-hire position. You can partner with a local staffing agency to secure employment for a set time that may lead to a full-time job.

Working in a temp-to-hire position typically lasts about 3 to 6 months. After the contract period ends, you might have your contract extended or be offered full-time employment.

Your efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to get along with others impact whether you receive a permanent job offer. Whether the company has a need and the budget for a full-time employee also affect this outcome.

If you become a permanent employee, you fill out the new hire paperwork and begin the onboarding process. If not, you can take on other assignments through the staffing agency.

Learn more about a temp-to-hire position to determine whether one may be right for you:


A temp-to-hire position lets you experiment with roles and companies. This lets you determine whether you enjoy the job duties and responsibilities and blend with the culture.

The ability to try different positions and organizations is especially important if you are entering a new field. You can see what the work entails before deciding whether to pursue permanent employment.

If you enjoy the work and blend with the culture, you may have the option to convert your contract work into a full-time job. If not, you can finish your contract period and move to another assignment.


Form relationships with employees at all levels of the organization when working in a temp-to-hire position. This includes colleagues, coworkers, managers, members of HR, and company leaders. These professionals can provide recommendations for you to be offered a full-time job.

Skills and Experience

Working in a temp-to-hire position provides you with valuable skills and experience. The better you display them, the higher your odds of being offered a permanent job.

You can add your skills and experience to your resume. This provides a competitive edge when transitioning to a full-time job or searching for your next role.


Employers who offer temp-to-hire positions need them filled quickly. This increases your odds of securing a role in less time than it would take to secure a full-time job. The faster you begin working, the sooner you can reach your career goals.

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