6 Reasons to Work with a Skilled Trades Staffing Agency in Conroe, TX

Today’s job seekers in Conroe, TX, and across the nation have options, as companies continue to compete for top talent. If you want to attract the best, you will need to find ways to stand out in a highly crowded marketplace. Fortunately, there is help. A skilled trades staffing agency can provide the boost you need to bring on talented workers without busting your budget. Here is what you need to know.


Why Should Conroe Employers Partner with a Skilled Trades Staffing Agency?

Whether your company is large or small, you might wonder whether you really need to work with an agency. After all, you know your business better than anyone, and you understand what types of employees you want. But skilled trades staffing services go far beyond just helping you hire. Here are six reasons to work with a skilled trades staffing agency in Conroe, TX.


Access Qualified Candidates with a Skilled Trades Staffing Agency in Conroe

One of the biggest obstacles to hiring the right candidates is simply finding them and encouraging them to apply. In a tight labor market, potential employees are constantly bombarded with opportunities. No matter how good your job ad might be, it could easily get lost in a sea of similar ads on job boards.

A staffing agency maintains a pool of qualified candidates who are ready and eager to work. You simply need to tell us what you are looking for and a little bit about your company, and we will pair you with someone who fits your needs. And when you choose a staffing firm that specializes in the skilled trades, you don’t need to worry about whether applicants have the required skills and experience. We know how to assess candidate backgrounds to be sure they know how to do the work.


Skilled Labor Staffing Agencies Keep Costs Low

Hiring a new permanent employee is expensive. You’ll need to pay for job ads and other recruitment strategies. You’ll have to pay for onboarding and training. And the expenses don’t end once your new employee is on your payroll. Taxes, retirement plans, health insurance, and other benefits can be quite costly.

But there are also costs affiliated with holding positions open. You may need to pay your existing team members overtime to cover the gaps. And they are more likely to burn out, resulting in healthcare costs, lost productivity, and possibly a series of resignations.

A skilled labor staffing agency helps to reduce these expenses. We can provide contract workers who remain on our payroll, filling open positions for a period of time without the burdens of onboarding. If you do need a full-time employee, we perform the legwork. We can offer you a short list of fully vetted candidates from which to choose, dramatically lowering your recruiting costs.


Reduce Hiring Risks with a Skilled Trades Staffing Agency

Because the hiring process is expensive and time consuming, the last thing you want is for a new employee not to work out. But this is a real risk with any new hire. With a staffing agency, you have another option: temp-to-hire. This allows you to “try out” a potential new employee to determine whether they are the right fit. If things don’t work out, you can simply part ways at the end of the contract. But if the arrangement goes well, you can bring the worker on as a full-time or part-time permanent employee.

Even if you’re sure that you want to hire someone directly, working with a staffing agency can still reduce the risks. Sometimes a candidate seems perfect on paper, but just doesn’t fit into the existing company culture. These misalignments are a common reason for new hires to leave. Staffing agencies take the time to get to know both candidates and employers on a deeper level. We don’t just check for skills and experience, though those factors are important. We also work hard to make smart matches that are the right cultural fit for both parties.


Skilled Trades Staffing Services Help You Hire Faster

The recruiting process takes time. If you do it on your own, you’ll need to make time to write compelling job ads and get them in front of the right candidates. You’ll need to sift through dozens or even hundreds of resumes. You will need to interview prospects and determine suitability. It can take weeks or even months to fill an open position. In the meantime, the work still has to get done. If yours is a small company without a dedicated HR team, it can be tough to even find the necessary hours in the day to focus on hiring. And your existing staff is burning out as they attempt to cover the open role.

When you work with a skilled trades staffing agency, you can dramatically cut down the time you spend on recruiting and hiring. Rather than starting from scratch, you’ll tap into our vast network of qualified candidates. We do the hard work of finding and recruiting job seekers, freeing your time to focus on your business. If you need someone right away, we can send a temporary contract worker to relieve the pressure. If you need a permanent employee, we will provide assistance every step of the way.


Skilled Trades Temp Services Are Flexible

Skilled trades temp services may be exactly what you need, depending on the nature of your business and your open positions. Does your industry follow seasonal patterns, in which you require extra help at certain times of year? Is a key employee out on parental leave or short-term disability? Are you currently expanding rapidly but unsure how many new workers you will need in the long run?

We offer temp workers on customized contracts designed to meet your business needs. Whether you need 10 people for a week or one person for several months, we provide the flexibility you require to remain fully staffed—whatever that looks like at a particular moment in time. There is no need to hire permanent employees only to risk laying them off when demand slows down.


Skilled Trades Staffing Agencies Provide Support During the Hiring Process

Hiring can be tough, especially without a dedicated HR team. Working with a skilled trades staffing agency means having a partner by your side every step of the way. We will help you decide whether a temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire is right for you. We will get to know you and your business, and present you with candidates who are a cultural fit. And once you’ve made your hiring decision, we can even help with the onboarding process.

Hiring is never easy, and it can be even more challenging in a tight labor market. Don’t take it on alone. Work with a dedicated skilled trades staffing agency that has the knowledge and experience to find just the right workers for all of your open positions.


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