How to Write the Best Post-Interview Thank-You Note

How to Write the Best Post-Interview Thank-You Note | Staffing Texas

Most interviewers expect you to send a thank-you note after meeting with them. Expressing gratitude for the interviewer’s time can help you land a position.

Appropriately crafting a thank-you note helps you market your qualifications for the role. This reinforces why you should be offered the position.

Follow These Guidelines to Write the Best Post-Interview Thank-You Note 

Promptly Send Your Thank-You Note

Email your post-interview thank-you note within 24 hours of the discussion. This shows you truly are interested in the position.

The interviewer likely has multiple candidates in mind for the position. Quickly sending a thank-you note helps you stand out. It may even move you to the top of the list for a job offer.

Keep your thank-you note brief to show respect for the interviewer’s time. Also, include a professional greeting and closing. Plus, ensure your note is free from spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors.

Be Sincere

Authenticity is more important now than ever. People are more responsive to messaging that feels genuine than contrived.

As a result, you want your post-interview thank-you note to sound sincere. This helps you further connect with the interviewer and potentially land a job offer.

Include in your note something personal regarding your interview. This may involve following up with strategic ideas to benefit the company. Or, perhaps you subscribed to the podcast the interviewer recommended.

Express gratitude for the time the interviewer spent talking with you. Share that you look forward to hearing back from them soon.

Personalize Your Thank-You Note

Include in your post-interview thank-you note a line or two relevant to the interviewer’s needs. This shows you are focused on adding value to the organization. It also demonstrates you are the best candidate for the position.

For instance, you might share your appreciation for the company undergoing a change in leadership because you worked for two other companies that had similar experiences. Include what you did to ease the transition for yourself and others.

Ensure each thank-you note is slightly different for each interviewer. The interviewers want to see that you put thought into their notes in case they discuss what you shared.

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