5 Tips for Recruiting Skilled Labor in Bryan, TX

The skilled trades were experiencing a labor shortage even before the pandemic, with baby boomers retiring and young people less likely to choose a blue-collar career. Then Covid-19 roared across the globe, entirely upending the world of work. It was immediately followed by The Great Resignation, as workers began questioning what they wanted to do with their lives.

For skilled trades employers in Texas, things are finally starting to normalize three years after the pandemic began, but the labor market remains extremely tight. Job seekers know they have plenty of options, so you will need to take your hiring strategies to the next level. Here are a few tips for recruiting skilled trades workers in Bryan, Texas.

Expert Advice from a Skilled Trades Staffing Agency in Bryan

#1 Improve Brand Recognition to Recruit Skilled Trades Workers

Bryan is a lovely place to live, but it’s also a small city without a lot of name recognition. So if you want to increase your talent pool, you’ll need to develop your company’s brand. People won’t come to your company just because it’s in Bryan, but they might come to Bryan for your company if they like your brand.

A major advantage of a smaller city is that you have the opportunity to make your presence known. Sponsor a youth sports team or a local theater troupe. Show up at job fairs. Be present within your community as much as possible.

You can also increase your brand recognition online. Start a blog. Actively post to social media. Your posts should be a combination of news, helpful information, background on your company, and showing off why yours is a great organization to work for. Text, photos, and videos can all help get your message across.


#2 Increase Wages for Skilled Trades Jobs in Bryan

Wages are rising across all industries, so if you haven’t revisited your pay structure in a while, now is the time to do so. Also consider adding incentives for less desirable shifts, such as the overnight hours.

But raising wages alone isn’t enough. Today’s skilled workers are looking for more. Work-life balance is essential, so consider offering flexible scheduling or compressed work weeks. Also look for low-cost perks that show your employees that you value them. For example, you might offer commuting benefits such as gas cards or bus passes. Or you could offer a menu of perks and let workers choose between them. A single parent might appreciate day care assistance, while someone living alone with a few cats might prefer pet health insurance.

You will also need to focus on your work culture. Skilled labor recruiters in Bryan, TX, note that work culture is more important than ever before. Candidates are looking not just for a job, but for a work home. They want to feel valued and respected, and like their work has meaning. They also want to understand their options for carving out a career path.

Solicit feedback from your current team members. Ask them what they like and don’t like about your existing work culture. Find out how you can better support their needs, and what sorts of programs they would like you to add. Could you do a better job with giving feedback? What about rewards for a job well done? You might also consider offering mentorship or job shadowing programs that allow your workers to learn new skills on the job.


#3 Recruit Bryan’s Next Generation of Skilled Workers

With good training programs in place, you’ll be ideally suited to recruit younger workers who can grow and evolve with your company. You may want to consider adding an apprenticeship program that lets new high school graduates, or even those still in school, earn a salary while completing on the job training. According to the United States Department of Labor, for every dollar that a company spends on apprenticeships, it gets back an average of $1.47. It’s a win-win for both you and your apprentices. And federal law allows those as young as 14 to work limited hours in non-hazardous positions.


#4 Recruit for Diversity in Bryan

Bryan is relatively diverse, but the skilled trades have traditionally drawn primarily white men. Sticking with tradition, though, means dramatically limiting your candidate pool. There are incredibly talented skilled laborers from every background and demographic, and they want to work for a company that is committed to diversity.

If you don’t already have a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) council, now is the time to create one. Draw members from all levels of your company, from senior executives to the front lines, and empower them to create new initiatives.

In your job descriptions, talk about your initiatives. Don’t use boilerplate language such as, “We’re committed to diversity.” Instead, explain what you’re actively doing to promote diversity and inclusion across your organization. And carefully scour your job ads to make sure you’re not using biased or gendered language that could dissuade diverse candidates from applying.

Get rid of any lingering “bro culture” within your company. Set zero tolerance policies for bullying or harassment. Promote collaboration rather than competition, and keep the lines of feedback open. Over time, you will develop a reputation for diversity and inclusion that can make your company more attractive to potential new hires.

And diversity doesn’t just refer to gender and race. Don’t shy away from hiring older workers who may be returning to the workforce after retirement or changing careers. They have a lifetime of experience to offer.

Also consider bringing on second chance workers. About 30% of working-age adults in the United States have a criminal record, but many employers are reluctant to give them a second chance. Yet those who are gainfully employed following incarceration are far less likely to re-offend. You’ll need to use common sense, of course, and there may be special regulations to consider if you’re also employing minors. But in general, opening your candidate pool to include those who have paid their debt to society can help you gain loyal employees who want to make the most of their second chance.


#5 Leverage Skilled Trades Staffing and Recruiting Services in Bryan

Recruiting skilled labor is never easy. If you’re dealing with staff shortages, post-pandemic supply chain snafus, or other issues, you may not have the available bandwidth to go through the recruiting and hiring process. Yet leaving positions open only leads to stress and potential burnout among your existing team members, who have to work harder than ever to cover the open roles.

Considering outsourcing the hiring process to one of the most experienced skilled trades staffing & recruiting services in Bryan, TX. We can do the heavy lifting, presenting you with a short list of fully vetted and highly qualified skilled laborers who are ready to go on Day One. And if you need someone immediately, we can provide temporary or temp-to-hire workers on short notice. This lets you fill in the gaps on your team while you are searching for your next full-time employees, or simply cover seasonal demand that doesn’t require a new permanent position.


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