Warehouse Staffing Tips to Reduce Turnover

Warehouses struggle to fill jobs due to the expansion of e-commerce and a variety of other factors, including the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, hiring will only get more challenging, with 2.1 million unfilled U.S. manufacturing jobs by 2030.  

The growing labor shortage and competition within the industry make it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain employees. Since job seekers have plenty of options, facilities must ensure that they have strong programs in place to attract new workers and retain current employees. 

Why is it Important to Adequately Staff Your Warehouse?

Warehouses work can be repetitive and physically demanding, and facilities need to remain optimally staffed for many reasons, including:  

  • Support health and well-being. Warehouse workers suffer a variety of health concerns due to the nature of their work. Fatigue and stress can lead to burnout, further eroding the team. Adequate staffing ensures workers can take regular breaks and enjoy time off when needed. 
  • Ensure safety. Safety is a paramount concern in every warehouse. Not having enough people on shift can lead to unsafe working conditions, causing preventable accidents and injuries. 
  • Leverage opportunities. A well-staffed warehouse can take advantage of business opportunities. With a strong workforce, warehouses can better respond to market demands. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Understaffing can lead to errors, causing customer complaints and lost profits.  
  • Improve morale. When your employees are overworked, morale suffers. Having enough people to share the workload will allow workers to feel supported, leading to happier employees. 

How to Hire Warehouse Workers in Texas

Recruiting the right people for your warehouse can be challenging these days. Jobs are plentiful. Competition is fierce. Warehouse owners and managers are experiencing more general labor staffing issues than ever—with continued recruiting struggles on the horizon. Here’s how you can attract and retain top talent in today’s market: 

#1 Offer Competitive Pay

Wages are a crucial factor in many warehouse workers’ decisions to stay in a job—or look for a higher-paying opportunity. Researching similar roles will ensure you’re offering a competitive wage and make your employees more likely to stay on the job.  

Can’t raise wages without crippling your bottom line? Consider other ways to provide valuable benefits to employees, like: 

  • Retirement plans 
  • Health benefits 
  • Job amenities (vending machines, comfortable chairs, free coffee) 
  • Paid time off 
  • Professional development opportunities 

#2 Implement an Employee Referral Program 

Your employees can be an excellent resource for recruiting new workers. Since they already know what it’s like to work for the company, they can give their friends an accurate picture of the job. Job seekers who know what to expect from the work environment, company culture, and job duties are more likely to be satisfied with the role if they are hired. Satisfied workers are more likely to remain with the job, improving retention. 

A referral program that offers incentives can provide a valuable benefit for current employees. Many organizations offer referral bonuses or extra time off to workers who recommend their friends for a successful hire. Another advantage of instituting a referral program? Less work for you. You won’t have to track down as many references, since a trusted employee has referred them. 

#3 Optimize Warehouse Job Descriptions

You’ll attract the talent you need if you write job postings that accurately reflect the duties and responsibilities of the job. A mismatch of expectations can lead to disaster. The last thing you want to do is waste time reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates who have no interest in the job. The more specific you are in the job posting, the more likely you will attract candidates who truly want to do the work. By clearly defining your expectations, needs, preferences, and requirements in the job listing, you’ll have a better chance of success. 

Optimizing warehouse descriptions can have another benefit. If you use keywords that job seekers use when they search for similar jobs, you’ll attract more applicants and fill roles faster. 


#4 Leverage a Flexible Scheduling Model

Scheduling can be tough in warehouses that operate 24-7. With growing business demands and so many roles going unfilled, offering employees flexibility in their schedules may seem impossible. However, as the workforce continues to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, flexibility is a necessity for many workers. Consider options such as flextime, shift work, and split shifts to accommodate workers’ needs. A warehouse that can provide flexible scheduling will differentiate itself in a crowded market and inspire loyalty in its employees. 

#5 Work with a Warehouse Staffing Agency

Having trouble finding the people you need to fill warehouse jobs? Warehouse staffing agencies can connect you with the hardworking talent you need to keep your business moving. Employers who use temporary and temporary-to-hire warehouse staffing services remain optimally staffed, taking better care of their business, customers, and workforce. 

How can working with a general labor staffing agency benefit your business? Consider the following benefits of working with a staffing partner: 

Industry expertise. Your staffing partner understands the market and can help you will help you create a strategic plan to attract the best workers.  

Reduced labor cost. You’ll spend less on recruiting, screening, and onboarding employees.  

Increased productivity. Better access to talent means your business will operate more efficiently. 

Reduced overtime expenses. Temporary warehouse staffing can help you save money on overtime by ensuring you have the workers you need when you need them. 

Warehouse Staffing Solutions in Texas

As one of the leading warehouse staffing agencies in Texas, we’ll help you build your team with people who have the skills and work ethic to make a positive impact on your business. Our experienced recruiters understand the challenges you face and will deliver people who get the job done right.

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