Dealing With Imposter Syndrome: How to Build Confidence on the Job

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome: How to Build Confidence on the Job | Staffing Texas

Like most professionals, you may experience imposter syndrome at some point during your career. This involves comparing yourself with peers and feeling like you are not as qualified as they are. This behavior can result in self-doubt and have adverse consequences for your business operations.

Building confidence in your abilities helps you overcome imposter syndrome. The sooner you accept yourself for who you are, the easier it will be to lead your team toward your goals.

Implement the following tips to build self-confidence and overcome imposter syndrome.  

Focus on Your Accomplishments

Make a list of the positive impacts you have had during your career. Include where you made a difference, how you contributed something meaningful, and what your latest big win was. Emphasizing your achievements shows you are a powerful contributor who deserves the role you have.

Emphasize Your Professional Growth

Think of the times you stretched beyond your comfort zone and succeeded. Include what you did and how it made you feel. Remind yourself that you can continue the same behaviors to attain future successes as well.

Create Reasonable Expectations

Having realistic standards and expectations for yourself makes them easier to attain. Remind yourself that the ongoing development of your knowledge and skills provides a foundation for future success. Continue to learn from your failures and perform better going forward.

Talk with Coworkers

Ask your coworkers for feedback on your performance. Let them know you care about the people impacted by your decisions and want to do your best for them. Keep a list of the positive things your coworkers say about you. Refer to the list when needed.


Get involved in activities outside of work. This may involve professional groups, children’s sports, or nonprofit organizations. Organizing or leading programs, projects, or events enhances your confidence and leadership skills. This positively impacts your work performance.

Track Your Success

Keep a journal of what you accomplished each day. Focus on what you did well and how it impacted others. Include some things you want to succeed at tomorrow. This helps maintain your focus on what you do well and will continue to build on.

Is It Time for a New Job?

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