Hiring Trends for Texas Companies to Look Out For in 2022

As a new year begins, paying attention to the trends in recruitment is important. Whatever your role in the hiring process may be, you need to stay current on the latest developments. It is harder than ever to find the right employees. Focusing on your process keeps your company competitive in bringing aboard the best talent.

Focus on these five hiring trends that could impact your Texas company in 2022.

Establishment of Employer Brand

More candidates will research the company when deciding whether they want to apply for a job. Knowing what to expect from an organization is becoming increasingly important. This is why creating an attractive employer brand is so important. An organization’s reputation, popularity, and employee value proposition (EVP) help it stand out from the competition. This can increase the number of applicants for an opening, maintain engagement throughout the hiring process, and lower the cost per hire.

Social Recruiting

More job opportunities will be posted on social media platforms. One reason is because the job ads can be targeted to company needs, such as industry, geography, years of experience, and skill set. Also, employers can interact with candidates to build relationships while encouraging interest in the organization. This helps candidates feel connected, informed, and valued.

Use of Technology

Automation throughout the recruitment process will continue to grow. For instance, keywords and pre-interview assessments will be used to sort through resumes and decide which applicants should be contacted for interviews. Artificial intelligence (AI) also will be used to reduce the amount of bias in screening resumes, matching candidates to jobs, and selecting new hires. Additionally, chatbots will provide candidate updates and answer questions during the recruitment process. They also will help with onboarding and learning for new hires. Plus, candidate relationship management (CRM) software will assist with email campaigns, relationship building, and expansion of talent pools.

Hiring for Soft Skills

Employers will place greater emphasis on looking for soft skills during the interview process. The main reason is because hard skills can be taught, but soft skills cannot. Managers can have the appropriate hires learn the hard-to-find skills they need for their team through online classes, specialized training, or other methods. However, employees cannot learn soft skills in these ways; they can only develop the ones they have. This is why communication, collaboration, adaptability, and problem-solving are among the top skills to look for when taking with applicants.

Emphasis on the Candidate Experience 

The perception of a company’s recruitment process will be increasingly important. This includes candidate attitude, behavior, and feelings during the hiring process. Because the majority of candidates share their experiences on social media platforms and employer review sites, their experiences need to be as positive as possible. This helps attract top talent to an organization.

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