Keeping Warehouse Employees Safe in the Conroe, Texas Summer Heat

Keeping Warehouse Employees Safe in the Conroe, Texas Summer Heat | Staffing Texas

Summer heat can be dangerous for your warehouse employees. They may struggle to maintain a normal body temperature while working in a hot environment. If your team members cannot cool down and stay hydrated, they might experience heat-related sicknesses that could lead to hospitalization. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your staff safe while working in the heat.

Because the Conroe heat quickly rises in Summer, keep your warehouse staff safe by implementing these tips.

7 Ways To Keep Conroe, TX Warehouse Employees Safe

Review Safety Policies and Procedures

Go over the safety concerns that come with working in a warehouse in Summer. Remind your staff how to protect themselves and others from overheating and what to do in case of an emergency. Keep a list of the policies and procedures posted in visible areas throughout the warehouse and break room.

Check Ventilation

The air in the warehouse needs to be properly circulated to keep your team safe. Make sure the ceiling and portable fans are on, screen doors are open, and roof vents are working.

Promote Sun Protection

Warehouse staff who work outside should be reminded to shield themselves from the sun. This includes wearing a hat and light-colored clothing, applying sunscreen every 2 hours, and working under a roof whenever possible.

Maintain Forklifts

Forklifts commonly overheat when temperatures rise. Keep them running by following a maintenance schedule. For instance, regularly check and top off coolant levels. Also, replace hoses with cracks or other signs of wear. Plus, regularly check and inflate the tires and replace them when severely damaged.

Encourage Hydration

Overexposure to high temperatures can lead to muscle cramping and dehydration. Remind your warehouse staff to keep bottles of water with them and take breaks every 15 minutes to rehydrate. Also, place water stations at convenient locations throughout the warehouse.

Schedule Frequent Breaks

Your warehouse team cannot perform their tasks well if they are overheated. Set aside regular breaks to rest in the shade, drink water, and have a small snack. They will come back feeling cooler and energized.

Monitor for Heat-Related Illness

Since everyone has a different tolerance to heat, some warehouse employees may need time to acclimate. Also, those who take prescription medication or have chronic illnesses like diabetes may be more susceptible to sickness caused by the rising temperatures. Keep your team safe by watching for signs like confusion, headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, and loss of focus. Heavy sweating, muscle cramping, seizures, strokes, or loss of consciousness may occur.

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