Leading an Effective Team Takes Guts – Here’s What Leaders Learned During 2020

Leading an Effective Team Takes Guts: Here is What Leaders Learned in 2020

Leading a team during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 took guts. Having to make big decisions with limited data was a risky undertaking. Backing up unpopular decisions was difficult. Making changes based on the results of these decisions was stressful. However, leaders had to take action to keep their teams united and moving forward. Having the guts to make difficult choices and stand by them is one thing that helped companies press on during a time of great uncertainty.

Learn about five actions that leaders in 2020 discovered are necessary to move a team forward.

Communicate Directly

Always communicate in a direct manner. This is especially important when delivering bad news. Although sugarcoating things may seem easier and feel more compassionate, it actually sends mixed messages that can confuse your audience. It is better to lessen the blow by being straightforward while remaining respectful.

Easily Adapt

Stay comfortable with being uncomfortable. You become stronger and better when persevering through change. Although discomfort is unwanted, it is required for growth. When you feel uncomfortable, it creates a sense of urgency to push through the pain and reach your goal. Then, things will feel comfortable at a higher level.

Stay Humble

Remain open to hearing other viewpoints when making decisions. Listen to what others say, decide how to process the information, and use it to move forward. Factoring in your team’s and other leaders’ viewpoints lets you find common ground. This is especially important when everyone needs to unite during times of uncertainty.

Be Decisive

During times of rapid change, you need to make fast choices with limited information. Use what you know, decide how to proceed, then stand by your choice. Although things may seem out of control, decisiveness can keep your team moving forward. People feel more confident when they have clarity and direction.

Stay Connected

Maintaining connections with your team is especially important during a crisis. For instance, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, your employees may have had to transition from working onsite to working from home. As a result, physical and mental health became a top concern. When people suddenly lost the support of working in the office, many felt isolated. They also struggled with having to work while caring for family members. For these reasons, you need to check in with your team members at regular intervals each day. Also, show genuine empathy and concern for their mental and emotional well-being. Plus, encourage open discussions about their fears and vulnerabilities.

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