Jim Scholes

Recommendations are not handed out by me for the asking, one must deserve and go above and beyond. I have the pleasure, along with many I would suppose, to give my highest recommendation to Chastity Perdue and her ability to source and bring to the table the best qualified candidates. I had the pleasure of working with Chastity when VP of HR for a large national staffing agency. She was a top performer then. Not until I was a customer of Chastity’s in my current role, did I realize why she was always a top performer… her attention to details in the needs of the customer. She was the first to actually interview in depth and ask the right questions of our hiring managers. Typically, we would get a flow of applicants and have to weed through several to find one qualified and wonder if the supplier even listened to our requirements. Not so with Chastity, she listened, took notes and the applicants we saw were qualified. What a refreshing problem to have of seeing multiple qualified applicants and having to decide between them. This really exemplified itself when one candidate we chose decided to go another direction. Our second choice (by a hair) was also a candidate supplied by Chastity. I truly do give my highest recommendation for Chastity and know that any team she would assemble will be trained in the highest standards of customer service.