The Ultimate 2021 Hiring Guide: 10 Ways to Recruit, Screen and Onboard More Effectively This Year

2021 Hiring Guide: 10 Ways to Recruit, Screen and Onboard More Effectively

Recruiting quality employees takes a significant amount of time and money. You need to source, screen, test, and interview candidates to decide which one should be extended a job offer. Because there are many steps in the process, you need to complete them efficiently to maintain interest from the best talent.

Follow this guide to create a more effective recruitment process.

Craft Engaging Job Descriptions

Make sure your job descriptions are complete and attention-grabbing. For instance, use specific titles that accurately show the type of work involved. Also, summarize information about the role and company. Additionally, include the core responsibilities, hard and soft skills, day-to-day activities, and how the role fits into the organization.

Use Social Media

Involve social media in your recruitment process. Because a significant number of job seekers include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in their search, use these platforms to share information about your company. For instance, demonstrate your mission, vision, and values through photos and videos of your employees in the office and at work events. Also, share employee testimonials about what it’s like to work for your organization. Plus, advertise job openings with links to your career site.

Include Employee Referrals

Emphasize the importance of your employee referral program. Since your team members spend time with people who have characteristics similar to theirs, you know you’ll receive quality referrals. Also, candidates who have a personal relationship with an employee are more likely to accept a job offer. Plus, employees who work with friends or family members tend to stay with a company longer than those who do not.

Screen Candidates

Narrow down your applicant pool by screening candidates. This may involve conducting a phone or video call or having candidates complete an assignment. Setting the minimum expectations up front lets you know which candidates have the qualifications, drive, and character to succeed in the position.

Include an Interview Panel

Create a panel of interviewers to meet with your top candidates. This reduces hiring bias and increases the odds of selecting the most qualified applicant. Each candidate can get to know potential colleagues as the panel evaluates their fit with the company culture.

Extend a Job Offer

Offer the job to your selected candidate. Include the salary, benefits, duties, start date, and other pertinent information. Be ready to negotiate if the candidate would like to make changes.

Prioritize Onboarding

Be sure your onboarding process lasts 90 days to 1 year. You need to help new hires integrate into their team, the culture, and the organization to achieve long-term success. For instance, team members should offer job shadowing, answer questions, and provide support for new hires. Also, managers must explain expectations, create goals, provide training, and offer ongoing feedback.

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